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We were dissatisfied with the current telehealth options available and believed it was crucial for someone to meet the specific needs of telehealth in eyecare.


Insights is revolutionizing the telehealth platform landscape in eyecare, underscoring the belief that eyecare is a vital component of overall healthcare that should never be neglected. By enabling multiple clinics to operate cohesively as a unified system, Insights ensures that even locations lacking the infrastructure for eye exams can provide continuous access to expert optometrists and ophthalmologists. This innovation not only emphasizes the importance of eyecare but also aims to bridge the quality of care gap in remote areas, making superior eyecare accessible to all.

Remote Viewer

Supercharge Your Practice

An experience brimming with features, both intuitive and advanced.

Secure Cloud-Based Operation

Experience unparalleled reliability and security with our cloud-based solution. Our platform ensures your data remains protected while providing easy access from anywhere. Enhanced with cutting-edge encryption and continuous monitoring, your operations can scale securely.

Scalable as you Grow

Insights is designed with scalability at its core, effortlessly accommodating the expansion from individual practices to larger networks. Tailored to evolve alongside your practice's growth, our platform offers the flexibility and infrastructure needed to support your journey at every stage.

Real Time Collaboration

Unlock the potential of seamless collaboration across clinics and specialists. Insights offers comprehensive control over patient data sharing, ensuring confidentiality and security. Our platform facilitates effortless communication and coordination among healthcare professionals, enhancing patient care through collective expertise.

True Tele-Diagnostics

Revolutionize eye care with our upcoming Digital Slit Lamp, enabling thorough eye examinations from any global location. This innovative tool extends the reach of ophthalmic diagnostics, ensuring quality care is accessible even in remote areas. Prepare to transcend geographical limitations and embrace the future of tele-diagnostics.

Elevate the quality of care at your establishment

Low and Medium Income Clinics

Empowering clinics to deliver superior vision care everywhere

Vision Care Centers

Redefining eyecare accessibility, bringing comprehensive services directly to patients

Primary Care Clinics

Expanding and enhancing convenience and care accessibility for all patients

Healthcare Network Chains

Streamline your focus on engaged prospects, optimizing healthcare delivery with targeted telehealth services.

Private Practices

Elevate patient care with real-time insights and analytics, simplifying management and enhancing treatment outcomes.


Revolutionizing retail eyecare, provide expert consultations and services on-site.

At Eyemote, we welcome people from all backgrounds including NGOs, Healthcare Professionals, Investors, Academics, and Students to partner with us and join us in ending avoidable blindness.

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